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The Benefits of IQC's Services

Unrivaled Benefits

IQC is committed to providing our clients with the highest recovery rates in the industry.

Our ongoing success derives from our strategic global locations and from the multilingual collectors, who possess high professional skills and the right contacts within their countries. Our ability to understand the culture of our patients and to communicate successfully with each one of them gives IQC a tremendous advantage over our competitors, enabling us to resolve accounts in the minimum possible timeframe.

benefits of Billing & Collection Services
Self-pay accounts

Our massive search engine investments enable us to perform complex skip tracing, verification reports and asset checks to determine the financial status of each patient. Coupled with our collectors' experience and local specialization, we are positioned to guarantee unrivaled results.

Global insurance accounts

IQC has managed to forge a vast network of global contacts within the insurance industry. This unique and powerful network enables IQC to offer its clients unprecedented turn around time on submitted insurance accounts, together with maximum returns.

Embassy accounts

Over the past years IQC utilized its key contacts to earn the trust and respect of many embassies. We built this reputation through ongoing meetings and our strong Middle East presence. Our clients benefit to a large extent from the business relations between embassies and healthcare providers.

Billing & Collection benefits

With offices based in Los Angeles, Dubai, London and Hong Kong, IQC provides a truly unique global service. We offer a 24-hour service on accounts submitted, guaranteeing maximum performance and success in the shortest possible timeframe.

With IQC's services you can focus on your domestic collections, knowing that the foreign collections are in the best hands. This is highly cost effective, eliminating the burden of dealing with different time zones, different languages and different cultures when resolving international accounts.

IQC works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we get paid only on results. IQC can offer the most competitive rates in the industry based on referral time, volume and value of accounts submitted. We also offer various incentives to clients, which we would be delighted to explain face to face.

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Working with IQC is a win-win situation, because you can't lose. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only get paid on results.

We'll start with a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's international patient demographic requirements. We'll then create a tailored working process from admissions to invoicing, producing an unsurpassed international collection service which is both Client & Patient orientated that deliver results. You’ll be truly amazed by the level of our success, so let's get started.

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